Trust the Universe


Our galaxy is so extensive and yet that’s like a grain of sand in the Universe. This scale is so unimaginable. It’s like every atom in our bodies contains billions of stars and planets. Even Earth is so big for us, we can’t see all of it. Amazing, don’t you think? I wonder how people can forget about this and just go to work every day focusing on some boring, unnecessary things. That’s crazy! Are you crazy?

It really makes me sad that we created this weird world where this kinda stuff is associated with drugs or fantasy. Where money is God and we live in this constant fear about basic needs, like: will I be able to pay all my bills this year? When I would have my own place to live? Why healthy food is so expensive? Could I have some free time? And so on… It isn’t normal, system is wrong and our globe could be so much better if not those crazy people who rule this game. Sad, really sad.

Although It’s not my concern THAT MUCH, I live on my own terms. But it surrounds me, whether I like it or not. I don’t know if I’ll be able to ignore this ever. Cutting off is tempting but hard to say if possible. So I’m trying to learn from this mad machine, to understand why I’m here, to be happy after all. That’s the conclusion I think. Can you do that as well?



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