Oh, hi there


I’m starting this blog because I like to write. Sometimes I feel like I have interesting stuff to say or at least some point of view which I would like to share with someone (for some reason). Also I would like to improve my English (which isn’t my native language) so that’s another chellange. My life was pretty boring so far and I want to change that finally. I won’t complain here, describe my problems nor focus on any negative thoughts.

Time to be happy everyone! Maybe you’ll join me too?

Happieness is in my country some kind of tabu topic. People are complaing a lot and they doesn’t expect much from their lifes. It’s really sad and depressing. It would be grear if I could learn how to be happy and teach that others. And yes, I think I could do that. I can do anything I want now because I CHOOSED to be happy. Amazing feeling. Feeling of power. And… really simple honestly. I thought it would be harder to achieve. But no, that’s it. No fanfares, no balloons, no confetti. Just a simple choice. I like mininalism tho.

Anyway… Let’s start this journey. No more excuses needed. I don’t even feel it as an option anymore really ’cause it’s such lame to be this sad little nuddle.



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