I wonder how other worlds look like. Are they bigger? Smaller? More or less diverse? What creatures and plants they have? Are they even material? Maybe there are something we don’t know at all, something beyond our imagination? It could be anything! Or nothing. Well, rather something, otherwise it would be really crazy that we are alone in the Universe. I don’t believe in such things myself. Even simulation theory seems more rational.

I wonder… Are there any place with no evil? Is it possible? No anger, no greed, no jealousy, no violence, no war. Just happy beings with no worries. Just for this one life. Is it utopia? Why people claim that utopia is bad and boring? I don’t understand why here on Earth we are so focused on suffering. Nature is brutal, I get it, we need bad things to know good things etc. But maybe, just maybe, there are some fantastic worlds of love somewhere? I wouldn’t mind to get there next time. Nevertheless the real question is: can we make such a world here? Now?

People make worlds. They have free will, the power of creation. Everyone is choosing something every day. It’s really responsible job, you know? Of course we can’t control everything and some stuff doesn’t seem very important but we should try to make the best decisions we can, always. We started to think only about ourselves. Maybe it was always like this, I dunno. Anyway we decide how the future will look like. Not only for us but for others too. Not only for people but for animals, nature and the planet. Even if we fail – we can’t say that we didn’t try. We should do our best, fight for the better world, bring love and happiness, be kind, calm, emphatic. Without any system, governments, media, religion, anything that tries to have an impact on you. Let it go, be free, be good.

“But why? What’s the point anyway? It doesn’t matter what we do, how we act, everything would be balanced eventually. It’s just some cycle.” – someone could say. And maybe it’s true. However, as a human, I feel a need to make wise decisions, to make a better world. Is it silly? Naive? Or maybe I just want to feel better about myself? I have no idea, only thisundying need. It’s not easy either, at least for me. That’s why the internet was created – to look for cute and funny kittens if you’re having a bad day. Or a week. Or a month. Whatever. Remember, cats are always an answer. Sometimes also foxes, squirrels, rabbits and other fluffy guys, but mostly cats.
Have a nice day, whoever you are. I hope that 2018 would be for you a special year and some of your dreams will finally come true. Or all of them, why not! Magic is starting to blow!


Trust the Universe


Our galaxy is so extensive and yet that’s like a grain of sand in the Universe. This scale is so unimaginable. It’s like every atom in our bodies contains billions of stars and planets. Even Earth is so big for us, we can’t see all of it. Amazing, don’t you think? I wonder how people can forget about this and just go to work every day focusing on some boring, unnecessary things. That’s crazy! Are you crazy?

It really makes me sad that we created this weird world where this kinda stuff is associated with drugs or fantasy. Where money is God and we live in this constant fear about basic needs, like: will I be able to pay all my bills this year? When I would have my own place to live? Why healthy food is so expensive? Could I have some free time? And so on… It isn’t normal, system is wrong and our globe could be so much better if not those crazy people who rule this game. Sad, really sad.

Although It’s not my concern THAT MUCH, I live on my own terms. But it surrounds me, whether I like it or not. I don’t know if I’ll be able to ignore this ever. Cutting off is tempting but hard to say if possible. So I’m trying to learn from this mad machine, to understand why I’m here, to be happy after all. That’s the conclusion I think. Can you do that as well?


Life is like a cat


So apparently it’s not that easy to maintain positive thoughts all the time if you were cultivating bad habits for years. It’s normal. I’m trying to be reasonable and realistic – there WILL be uncomfortable things in my life, there’re already. The thing is – how to be stronger than them? How to balance emotions and feelings? Well, I don’t know. That’s why I’m here probably. To learn.

When I’m reading those motivational books, hearing happy people, coaches and other life Gurus – I feel overwhelmed by this pure cheerfulness. Don’t take me wrong, I love those guys. However they seem sooo positive and I’m like: wooow, that’s really impressive, how they maintain it so well? So… what if they just don’t? What if you don’t have to jump around with smile on your face and focus only on bright sides of life every single minute? Like: I want to be rich, it’s one of my main dreams. Let’s imagine that I won’t be, ever. Am I supposed to think about it anyway? Or just be happy with what I already have? Achieving goals is great but you can’t forget about the present after all.

I know that I’m very powerful creature – just like any other human being. I can achieve what I want to achieve, my thoughts can create stuff and the Angels will help me on my way. There’re days when I can strongly feel this power and I’m literally seeing signs of my work everywhere. But am I really improving something or just fooling myself with those endorphins boosts? I believe that I’m smarter every day, that I know more and more about me and life itself, that every single experience helps. I’m not very confident about it tho. However it’s probably just my weakness which I didn’t overcome yet. Like many others. Oooh, I have those a lot. I thought that I can simply ignore them and be positive, positive, positive…

*rainbow*, *cute cats*, *unicorns*, *cupcakes*, *glitter*, *more cute cats*…

Well, no, it’s not working this way. You must face every little scar on your soul to get rid of it for good. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’ll be obvious how to start but other times you won’t be even able to tell what blocks you. Fortunately: there is always a way. We can ALWAYS find the source of the problem and repair it (if we want to). So that’s nice, isn’t it? Maybe it sounds a little ironic, we all know how life can be mean sometimes... But yet – life is like a cat. It can destroy your things, bite, scratch, annoy you in the morning or even poop in the middle of your bed – but you’ll still love that tiny little bastard with all your heart. Just look at those sweetest paws and adorable nose! That’s what I’m trying to say: love life and be happy, even if it’s not perfect. Cause well, you have no other choice. Suffering can’t bring you anything good, sadness is useless, laziness is exhausting – happiness is the only way! Leave your demons behind, they’re not comforting you – they’re just feeding with your energy, that’s all what you can get from them. Or rather lose. I know that now and I’ll win this shit. Let’s make the world a better place…

Oh, hi there


I’m starting this blog because I like to write. Sometimes I feel like I have interesting stuff to say or at least some point of view which I would like to share with someone (for some reason). Also I would like to improve my English (which isn’t my native language) so that’s another chellange. My life was pretty boring so far and I want to change that finally. I won’t complain here, describe my problems nor focus on any negative thoughts.

Time to be happy everyone! Maybe you’ll join me too?

Happieness is in my country some kind of tabu topic. People are complaing a lot and they doesn’t expect much from their lifes. It’s really sad and depressing. It would be grear if I could learn how to be happy and teach that others. And yes, I think I could do that. I can do anything I want now because I CHOOSED to be happy. Amazing feeling. Feeling of power. And… really simple honestly. I thought it would be harder to achieve. But no, that’s it. No fanfares, no balloons, no confetti. Just a simple choice. I like mininalism tho.

Anyway… Let’s start this journey. No more excuses needed. I don’t even feel it as an option anymore really ’cause it’s such lame to be this sad little nuddle.